Mineral Business

Locations of Mining Sites

  • Granite in Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan
  • 2 Chrome in Alqabel
  • Limestone in Dima and Tayeen
  • Chrome in Dima and Tayeen
  • Manganese in Ibra
  • Quartz in Qurayat
  • 2 Gabbro in Sohar
  • Gypsum in Ghaba

Financing And Consultancy

ASI vision is focused on exploration and development of minerals resources of the country and on exploring systematic and efficient ways for optimizing these via technological innovations.

ASI believes that minerals are a solid base for economic progress of the country but require the resources of specialized knowledge and adequate financing for sustainable development.

ASI holds licenses for the mining of Gabbro, gypsum,limestone and had applied for Chrome,copper,granite,manganese,quartz and laterite. Efforts are under way to acquire these minerals.

ASI has these resources. At the same time ASI is always open to offers from prospectors and other mining entrepreneurs for business cooperation.